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The HH Sitemap Manager

What is it and how does it work?

What is Google Sitemaps and Yahoo! Site Explorer?

Google Sitemaps and Yahoo! Site Explorer offer you a way to submit a complete listing of your site's URLs to their search crawlers in order to inform their search engines about all the pages on your site.

You can keep Google Sitemaps and Yahoo! Site Explorer informed of all the pages in your site and if you submit a fresh sitemap on a regular basis. Frequent submission provides fresher search results and a smarter crawl of your website in their search engines.

How will it help my website?

If Google and Yahoo! provide a Sitemap service then why should I use the HH Sitemap Manager?

Google and Yahoo! provide you with a way to manually create and submit your own website Sitemap to their crawlers.  You must also create an account with Google and Yahoo! in order to manage your Sitemap with them.

By using our automated Sitemap services, you completely eliminate the need to create and submit your Sitemap manually and on a frequest basis.  Our system takes care of everything including the creation and submisson of your Sitemap three times a week. 

How does HH Sitemap Manager Help Me?

The Hudson Horizons Sitemap Manager will create your sitemap and submit all your URLs to Google and Yahoo! automatically three times a week, this way you don't have to worry about doing it manually on a regular basis. 

The automated HH Sitemap System will automatically run, compile a listing of all the pages in your website, create your Sitemap, upload the new file to your hosting server, and position it to be indexed by the Google and Yahoo! crawlers.

How Often does the HH Sitemap Manager Run?

The HH Sitemap Manager runs and processes your Sitemap three times a week, completely eliminating the process for you to create and manage your Sitemap submission manually.

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