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Sitemap Reseller Program

Resell the HH Google and Yahoo Sitemap Service

We offer a Reseller Program that allows you to resell the HH Google and Yahoo! Sitemap Service to your clients.  Now you can easily create and automate a Sitemap submission to Google Sitemaps and Yahoo! Site Explorer for each one of your clients and charge them a monthly fee for this terrific service.

We have the following two plans available and can also customize a plan that suits your needs.  If you need to manage 5, 10, 30, or 200 Sitemap submissions, then you have come to the right place.

The following two plans are our most popular Reseller Plans:

HH Sitemap Manager Reseller (5)
If you would like to resell our service or simply need to create 5 sitemaps for up to 5 domains, then you can signup for our Reseller 5 Plan for only $25 / month.  To signup for this plan, click here .

HH Sitemap Manager Reseller (10)
If you would like to resell our service or simply need to create 10 sitemaps for up to 10 domains, then you can signup for our Reseller 10 Plan for only $35 / month.  To signup for this plan, click here .

Reseller Email Tool

Our Reseller Program has an advanced feature that lets you send customized emails to your clients instead of having our system's default notification emails come directly to you.  Now you can truly market this service as one of your own. 

The process is simple.  All you need to do is create your email in your account back-end, specify the sender for each one of your client's domains and our system will automatically send the custom email to your clients every time our Sitemap system processes their Sitemap. 

You may also specify your own email account settings and our system will relay the emails directly off your mail server rather than off Hudson Horizons' mail server.  Instead of the emails coming from, they can be sent directly from your own email address.   This is true customization for your company ? what else could you ask for in a Reseller Program?

Start reselling our service today.

To add the Reseller Email Tool to your account, simply login and click the "Our Products" tab.